No Youth Camps Planned this Summer

As I am sure, like most of you, this spring didn’t look like anything we had planned and the summer is shaping up to be a casualty of the pandemic as well. As you have read in this issue besides the challenges with the pandemic we also had the wind storm.

Despite the fact that the fees for camps and retreat normally produce about 40 percent of our income, we praise the Lord that to date our bills are paid. We have cut spending, partly because of not having events but also being careful about doing anything that isn’t absolutely essential during this time. Please pray with us and if the Lord should lead, send a special gift to help us through this challenging time. We are so grateful to the many of you that have shown your concern by sending your words of encouragement and your gifts.

After much prayer and looking at all the data we could find, including a survey we sent to parents of campers from previous years, it has been determined that we will forgo all of our scheduled summer activities unless the Lord supernaturally opens the door. We agonized over this decision but with the information we have at this time it appears this is how the Lord is directing us.

You may be wondering what we will do with our time. It seems for me up to this time I have had more to do in keeping up with government guidelines and seeking the Lords mind each step of the way than functioning in normal operational mode. There are some things that we have often said we would love to do when we have some time. We hope to tackle some of these in our effort to make Cedine the best tool we can be for our Master’s use. We are spending time with people to encourage them in their walk with the Lord as He provides opportunity. I am planning to have a list of some of those things to share with you in the fall.

Vernon Tannahill