About Us


Jasmine feels torn between impressing the wrong crowd, and living the way she knows is right but not having friends.

Michael and Ruby are tired of the pressure of the world and busy lives on their marriage. They’re committed to their vows, but feel the life being drained from their relationship.

Pastor Davis has a burden for revival. The members of his congregation are faithful and love the Lord, but their lives are so full that they’ve become spiritually dry. The church is stagnating.

Our Mission
Cedine Ministries exists to honor God and His Word by partnering with the Church in evangelism and discipleship training through quality camp, conference, and outreach ministries with an emphasis on the underserved community.

Our motto
“Not just decisions, but disciples for Christ.”


People just like Jasmine come to Cedine every year. They come with the world on their shoulders, and we get to watch the miracle of re-creation. Away from the distractions of everyday life, they gain fresh perspective and God’s Word comes alive. Friendships are made, and spiritual strength is renewed. It’s extraordinary what can happen in such a short period of time at Cedine.

Whether you’re considering one of our youth camps, adult retreats or family conferences, you can get started right here and now on our website.