Wind Damage at Cedine

April 3, 2020by Vernon Tannahill

On March 29, 2020 around 5:00 am a thunderstorm with high winds, possibly a tornado, came through Cedine and uprooted and knocked down trees. One fell on the roof of the camp dining hall, one on Nash Hall, one on the farmhouse and a couple on the garage at Beth Haven. Most of the roads on the lower half of the property were impassable. (You can see many pictures on our Facebook page.) We are praising the Lord for His protection as no one was hurt although some personal cars were damaged. An amazing thing occurred that morning when 50 or so volunteers showed up from the community to help clean up and open up the roads so emergency vehicles could get in if necessary. All the power was out until Tuesday afternoon and the final residence had power by Friday.

We are so grateful for the Pine Grove Volunteer Fire Department and Fire Chief Cory Yarger for their help in the clean up as well as Colby Yarger and some of his crew that came to help. They not only came but brought equipment that allowed us to get things opened up much quicker than anticipated. There were many neighbors and friends as well as many staff that worked together to help us get to a place we could continue to function. Thank you for your prayers for protection and provision. We are so grateful to the Lord for all of the ways He has ministered to us through this tumultuous time.

Vernon Tannahill