2021 DATES

November 12-14
November 19-21

About Canoe Trips

canoe trip is flexible. We will float lazily down the river, chilling with your friends. We will struggle with the challenges of the river, building a fire, cooking outdoors, learning to tie knots, working together to keep the canoe going straight and team building. These challenges can bring you closer or make you want to start whacking each other with your paddle. Whatever happens we will help you work through it based on God’s Word. We have all been struggling with the issues around Covid 19. This is a great opportunity to learn how to live for God when life doesn’t make sense. Doing this with friends and godly leader in a safe environment is a great way to grow.

Canoe Camp Application

Read our Cedine Summer Camp Covid Statement

$190 per trip

A deposit of $20 (non-refundable) is required with your registration. The remaining balance must be paid no later than the 1st day of camp.

Transfer/Cancellation policy: Transfers to another camp or cancellations must be made at least 14 days before the registered camp begins. The payments are transferable to another camp this year or next year depending on availability. You may transfer payments to an unregistered person of the same gender if you are unable to attend. No payments may be transferred to a person who is already registered. If you do not notify us at least two weeks prior to the camp, your deposit is not refundable or transferable.



Special Offers

Get a Free T-shirt

Get a free t-shirt when you send your full camp payment by April 30. (Registration form must be completed with activity choices marked.)

Get $50 off your camp fees

Get $50 off your camp fees by successfully completing a Cedine Correspondence Course. (You must start the course by January 31 and complete it by April 30. Note: this award must be applied to your full camp payment and not used as part of your deposit.)

Financial Assistance

If you’ve completed a Correspondence Course and have been awarded $50, but still lack the finances for the full camp cost, you may complete a request for financial assistance. Additional scholarships will be based on need and availability of funds. Download form to request assistance: Request-for-Scholarship-Funds

2020 THEME

Valleys: Trusting God When Life is Hard

Psalm 23