April 16, 2018

Life in the Director’s chair has its ups and downs; it is exciting, challenging but never boring. A day can be planned but it seldom works out according to plan. A day may involve preparing reports for the board, working with a planning committee on retreat plans (since we don’t have a Conference Director to care for that), setting up a food service roster for a weekend retreat (since we don’t have a Food Service Director), writing a donor letter, working on the budget, tracking the ministries’ finances, answering phone calls about a retreat or from the insurance company and interacting with staff throughout the day.

The months of January and February are special as well as challenging as I take the time to meet with each staff member and review what God has done this past year, what might have slipped through the cracks (the personal quarterly newsletter for several) and what are the challenges we hope to conquer for this coming year. I am so encouraged by many of our staff, their love for the Lord and their passion to serve. A joy of mine is to see how the Lord continues to provide for the needs of Cedine and our missionaries. We need additional donors for staff (especially the new ones trying to get here), general fund and capital projects.  Please pray that the Lord will provide for us in this. We are grateful to the Lord for funds that have been provided to begin a  project to put A/C in the camp chapel so the young people won’t be distracted from hearing the Word by the heat. Praise the Lord with us as you pray for His continual provision